Board of Directors & Staff

Meet the Board & Staff at GCCDD

Board Members

The Board of Directors of the Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District consists of five officers (positions 1 through 5) elected to unlimited four-year terms. Elections to the Board of Directors are held every two years the first Saturday in May during even-numbered years, with the five positions being filled alternately.

The Board primarily concerns itself with broad questions of policy, and the application of policies is an administrative task performed by the District's Operations Manager and staff, who hold responsibility for the effective administration and supervision of the District's programs.

The Board is considered the authoritative unit, with no Board member exercising individual authority in regard to the District except as part of that unit. Individually, the Board member may not commit the District to any policy, act or expenditure. Board members do not represent any factional segment of the community, but are rather a part of the body that represents and acts for the community as a whole.

Any person 18 years of age or older who is a Texas citizen, District resident and registered voter and is not disqualified under the state constitution or its laws from holding a civil office is eligible to be elected or appointed a Board member.

The Board members may be contacted through the District office at (281) 482-0404.



Rusty Burkett



David Johnson

Vice President


Kim Girouard



James Gibson

Board Director


Jason Jones



To serve its constituency and carry out its mission, the District employs 11 full-time employees. The following individuals are available to address your questions or concerns and may be reached at (281) 482-0404.


Joseph Anderson

Operations Manager

Reports directly to the Board of Directors and coordinates all operational and technical activities of the District including:

  • Managing operational personnel

  • Maintaining communication with the Board, consulting engineer, citizens, civic organizations, developers and other governmental agencies on the developments and programs in the District

  • Overseeing field operations

  • Overseeing the purchase of equipment and materials;

  • Overseeing the purchase of equipment and materials;


Kathy Grace

Administrative Manager

Directs and coordinates all administrative and clerical activities of the District including:

  • Managing administrative personnel

  • Developing and maintaining employee benefit programs

  • Health insurance and retirement plans

  • Maintaining general ledger accounts and balances

  • Preparing, administering investment of District funds

  • Coordinating bi-annual (on even number years) election with the City of Friendswood.


Derrell Cobb

Crew Leader for the District

Derrell supervises and coordinates the construction activities on the creeks and drainage ditches.


Joe Royster

Crew Leader for the District

Joe supervises and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in the cleaning and maintenance of creeks and other drainage channels and responds to citizen complaints.


Scott R. Sheridan, PE, RPLS, CFM

Contract District Engineer

Scott Sheridan is President of Daniel Scott Engineering, LLC. He is responsible for the review of plat and plan submittals to the District. He also assists the District with any civil engineering needs they need on their facilities.