Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District (the District)
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 Drainage Criteria Manual     Schedule of fees

To assure compliance with the Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District and City of Friendswood's runoff control regulations, plat and drainage plans or site plans must be submitted to the District by persons seeking approval within the District's jurisdiction for:

1) subdivision plat or re-plat,
2) properties that have been rezoned to a higher run-off coefficient or land use type,
3) developments on an existing site which increase impervious cover.

To aid persons seeking such approval, the District developed a Drainage Criteria Manual outlining the minimum requirements for drainage plans that must be completed prior to approval of any development plat by the District. Note that these are minimum requirements, and additional requirements may be imposed and/or additional data may be required by the District.

In brief, Section II. B. of the manual states that one (1) copy of all plans, plats, reports and calculations shall be submitted to the District's office for review at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting at which the item will be considered. In addition, one (1) copy of all documents shall be submitted to the District's engineer, Lentz Engineering, L.C., is located at 5909 West Loop South, Suite 200, Bellaire TX 77401, telephone 713-839-8900 or fax 713-839-9020.

Plats and plans submitted to the District must be accompanied by a check made payable to the District for an amount specified by the schedule of fees on file in the District's office. All review fees must be submitted at the time the plats and/or plans are submitted for review. Failure to submit the fees or meet any of the deadlines shall be grounds for not placing the item on the current agenda.

The District's engineer shall provide comments to the applicant as soon as possible after submittal. Also, contained within that letter will be a re-submittal deadline for the next agenda. If the applicant submits six (6) corrected copies to the District's office and one (1) copy to the District's engineer with all corrections made, the item will be placed on the next agenda.

Section II. Q. of the criteria manual outlines maintenance of storm water detention facilities previously approved by the District. In the case of District-maintained detention facilities, a fee will be assessed at the time the detention pond is accepted for maintenance.